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Comune di San Dona di Piave

Community profile

The city of San Doná di Piave is located on the banks of the Piave River in the Veneto Region. The city is built in a flood plain where the marshes were drained.

It is a new city, a phoenix that has risen from the devastation caused a hundred years ago in World War I. Although many buildings were restored, the centre has a ‘modern feel’ to it that is evident with the several buildings from the 20th century architectural periods and the fine grain urban form. The population of San Dona di Piave is 41,815 as per the Census in 2015.

San Dona di Piave is located 40 km from Venice  and 40 km from Treviso. It is part of an integrated regional economy of the recently formed Venice Metropolitan Area.

WeGovernment in the region

San Donà di Piave has adopted The Social Opportunity Plan in collaboration with the University of Padova (Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies) to make possible a closer relationship between the quality of life of people and the economic development of city. The result is a definition of project Clusters, that have been the subject of participatory discussion for decision making. Participatory process allowed Municipality of San Donà to co-design and co-create with some citizens. The process has been composed of:

  • Focus Group (15 participants - made in March 9, 2016)
  • A collaborative workshop (30 participants - 12 April 2016)
  • A Final workshop (50 participants – June 9th 2016)

As Project Leader of a Urbact III project called City Centre Doctor dealing with urban regeneration, the Municipality has activated an Urban Local Group with the aim to support the citizens participation to revitalize the City centre