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Who we are

The democracy software LiquidFeedback has morphed into an international benchmark for democratic participation using the internet. The LiquidFeedback proposition development process, the collective moderation, a dynamic division of labor and a cutting edge preferential voting system live up to the highest democratic standards. LiquidFeedback allows an infinite number of participants to make democratic decisions asynchronous and location-independent and pushes the boundaries of democratic  participation by giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the democratic process. The proposition development and decision making process in LiquidFeedback is fully user driven and does not need any moderator or request commission.

LiquidFeedback in WeGovNow

In WeGovNow, LiquidFeedback is responsible for all opinion formation processes. The LiquidFeedback software will support geo-tagging of user input and provide geographic searches (geospatial indexing). LiquidFeedback will also provide the unified WeGovNow user management and the system integration framework which will allow the seamless integration of the WeGovNow applications as well as existing e-government solutions, third party applications and mobile apps. Municipalities will be able to allow external identity providers for user authorization. Where necessary, municipalities can use national or local identity providers for the verification of users.