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Comune di San DonĂ  di Piave

Community profile

Located on the bank of the Piave River, with its almost 42,000 inhabitants San Donà di Piave is the third largest town in the province of Venice, Veneto in Northern Italy. Comprising the surrounding towns, the population of the larger urban area is approximately 100,000.

After recovering from the devastating impact of World War I, San Donà is a new city in terms of infrastructure, architectural patrimony and socio-economic substance. Today, the municipality’s strongest economy resources include commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises and agriculture.

San Donà di Piave is further part of the Metropolitan City of Venice, an administrative unit that has been developed as a result of a reform of local authorities. It includes a large core city and the smaller surrounding towns that are closely related to it with regard to economic activities and essential public services, as well as to cultural relations and to territorial features, that form its metropolitan area. San Donà is also involved in a wider process of integrated planning of social policies involving 20 municipalities and more than 215,000 citizens.


WeGovNow in the region

The municipality of San Donà di Piave envisions a participative approach that allows both citizens and local businesses to meet their needs, becoming at the same time active agents of and for the community. Recently adopted regeneration policies and initiatives aim at facilitating a closer relationship between the needs of the population, the overall quality of life of people, and the economic development of the city. In San Donà, the WeGovNow online engagement platform is then considered to constructively supplement and emend the introduced measures. Following this, the main thematic foci for which the WeGovNow platform is utilised in San Donà are:

  • Energy Efficiency: WeGovNow is utilised to supplement the city's strategy for co-developing sustainable mobility strategies and practices by involving the public administration, relevant local groups and of course San Donà's citizens.
  • Urban regeneration: The platform is used to bring together different local groups and engage them in activities on city centre revitalization.
  • Youth Engagement: The WeGovNow pilot platform is used by local schools as part of their teaching activities for educating their students in public matters and citizenship.

 Visit the San Donà pilot platform here.