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Who we are

empirica has established itself as a leading European institute with a broad understanding of political, business and socio-economic issues surrounding eServices and telematics applications. The group has a permanent staff from a range of disciplines, including medicine / health, social care, IT engineering, (medical) informatics, economics, social, political, management and public administration sciences. This mix of qualifications combined with a well-established network of international partners allows easy formation of interdisciplinary and international teams well-tuned to the demands of newly developing markets or for new strategic and policy directions.

empirica in WeGovNow

empirica is the co-ordinator of WeGovNow, responsible for both the operational and administrative management of the project.

We are also responsible for the evaluation of the local validation trials where citizens of Torino and San Dona di Piave in Italy, as well as of the London Borough on Southwark in the UK will be able to test and try the WeGovNow services. Impacts on citizens, but also on administrations and their staff and on local communities will be measured and analysed using the ASSIST approach and toolkit for assisted e-service deployment.

Furthermore, empirica runs the project website and social media communication channels.