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Turin citizens & public administration co-design public space with help of WeGovNow

Our pilot city Turin utilises the WeGovNow pilot platform for co-developing a former industrial area together with its citizens. The area has already been converted into an urban park, Parco Dora, some years ago. A remaining space within the park, the so called Vitali area, is still to be re-developed. Citizens are collaborating with the public administration in the co-design of this area through a combination of offline and online civic engagement activities. At the occasion of a recent public event hosted by the Biblioteca Civica Italo Calvino,  the Environment councilor of the  City of Turin, Alberto Unia reiterated the invitation to all citizens to participate in the new type of co-design process enabled by WeGovNow. A number of proposals on how to utilise the Vitali area within Dora Park have already been uploaded by citizens onto the WeGovNow pilot platform for public deliberation. The ongoing online consultation process enabled by WeGovNow is being fuelled by a series of public off-line workshops. The overall co-design process concerning Turin's Parco Dora area is expected to come to an end towards the end of the year.


                                                          Parco Dora Vitali Area                                               (Source: Uccio “Uccio2” D'Agostino,"Parco Dora lotto Vitali, Torino", CC BY-SA 3.0)