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Funka Nu AB

Who we are

Funka Nu AB is a Swedish accessibility and user experience consultancy, that was started by the joint disability organisations in the mid-90s. We have offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Madrid and clients all over the world.

Funka works with accessibility in content, design and technology of digital interfaces; web, ICT and documents in all possible formats, apps, ticket machines and ATMs, but also signs and other kinds of information. We have a unit focusing on accessibility in the built environment, orientation, acoustics and how to treat and communicate with persons with different abilities.

We focus on hands on testing, experience and scientific methodology. Around 20 % of the turnover comes from financial instruments in research. We partner with several leading universities around Europé and cooperate with many disability organisations. Through positions of trust and work in standardisation, Funka sets standards for development, analysis and formation of requirements in accessibility.

Funka Nu in WeGovNow

Funka is mainly contributing to the agile development of the overall WeGovNow platform with respect to the usability and accessibility aspects. This role is played both in terms of conceptual and methodological framework consolidation and for providing cutting-edge and practical support to software developers on how to build the different components of the platform in a way that can be easily used by a wide range of users (people with varying abilities, older users, and citizens at potential risk of technological and informational exclusion). Funka is also deeply involved in the promotion of the project results and their exploitation for reinforcing its own expertise in e-Government services and ultimately its positioning on the market of the e-accessibility products.