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Who we are

INFALIA Private Company is a recently founded SME company that specializes in the provision of cutting edge ICT solutions for smart cities and social data mining, as well as in highly interactive Web and mobile application development. The company, founded on January 2014, is a spin-out of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH): all six of its founders have worked for many years as researchers with the Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of CERTH in a number of EC- and industry-funded research projects. Collecting, processing, mining and making accessible through intuitive applications data from mobile citizens lie at the core of INFALIA solutions for smart cities. Part of INFALIA experience comes from the participation of CERTH and its founders in a number of EU funded projects.

Infalia in WeGovNow

The role of Infalia in WeGovNow is to make available the current implementation of ImproveMyCity, an e-Government web and mobile application promoting direct citizen-government communication and collaboration and drive the development effort towards the expansion and customisation based on WeGovNow needs. The design and implementation of the trusted marketplace mechanism to provide automated matchmaking between WeGovNow users, is another major task of Infalia. Overall, Infalia will contribute its expertise and experience from previous and progressing projects and current active installations of its services and products. Also, Infalia leads WP1 (Conceptual & methodological framework consolidation).